Exploratory expedition in Lejasciems parish

In an effort to capture the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage offered by one of Latvia's largest parishes, we have invited two experts this time. Natural values and objects will be explored by Jura Zaķis, a geologist, author of the book “Taimira - the land behind the Arctic Circle”, “Lejasciems in the rivers of rivers and time”, “At the source of the Gauja”. Parish library manager and history teacher Inta Balode. We will start the expedition with a tour of Robežkalns boulder and Krāči castle mound. On the way to Sinole mill, we will stop at Cepļakalns pine. We will stay in Mālmuiža for a while to dedicate time to getting to know the cultural history of Lejasciems. A moment of rest at the Ķemeri sulfur spring is planned. In the second part of the expedition, we will go along the characteristic area of Lejasciems landscape - inland dunes, walking about 1.5 km - through an obstacle area, along Brūveļi Hill. Then let's look at Satekas - the place where Tirza flows into the Gauja. Let's drive to Dūre, where we can see the big oaks and the former school building. Finally, we will visit Inta Balode's landscape garden.

Check out at 10.00 from Gulbene district library. Gulbene return around noon. 18.00 .

In accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, the measure is intended for vaccinated or Covid-19 patients. Please bring supporting documents, including an identity document.

Apply by September 9, by writing to inese.kaleja@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv or by calling 64471460. Please indicate the participant's name, surname and telephone number. Seats are limited.

During the expedition, all security measures in force in the country at that time will be observed.

The project “Exploratory Expeditions” has received support in the cultural project competition “Vidzeme Culture Program 2021 supported by the State Forest and State Cultural Capital Fund” announced by the Vidzeme Planning Region.