"Creating natural style gardens"

Climate change, the preservation of natural diversity is now a topical issue not only in Europe but throughout the world. How to keep the environment as natural as possible around you, how to change your thinking and habits? On August 26, 21 garden enthusiasts went to find out.

At the seminar, we got acquainted with the natural gardening style, which has become dominant in Europe and many other parts of the world in recent decades, but is still little known in Latvia. It is called differently in the world - _Wild New Wave, New Perennials, Native Planting, Wild Garden. These gardens are based on ecological thinking - not to show your power over plants, but to live together. It is important that the garden helps in natural biological processes.

Edžus Vējiņš, a lecturer of the seminar, an enthusiast of natural style and a blogger, looks at the local landscape as an environment formed by the interaction of nature and man. It is important for him to be aware of his garden as an expression of the nature of this very local place. Plants that grow close to home in nature and reveal the uniqueness of the place also help to achieve this.

"The idea of natural style is not to copy nature, but to create gardens that live at the crossroads of nature and imagination. By combining perennials, grasses and other plants in a variety of combinations, they become the starting point for creative expressions that form close associations with the natural environment. Gardens of this style require less care and retain their long-term decorativeness. ” / Edžus Vējiņš / https://ainavudizains.wordpress.com/

Many thanks to Edžis Vējiņš for a very thoughtful, exploratory and inspiring lecture! Thanks to the owners of "Raunas ceplis" for hosting and creating a harmonious environment, as well as "Raunas plants" - for sharing knowledge about plants! #nativeplanting #EUGreenDeal