Meeting with Māris Olts

On August 12, the Gulbene Regional Library starts implementing the project “Nature (T) Breath in the Library”. The aim of the project is to acquaint children and young people and other interested people with books written by Latvian writers about nature , encouraging the acceptance of reading as a meaningful activity on a daily basis; encouraging the practical application of the knowledge gained on nature protection. The first meeting will take place with nature researcher Māris Olts.

Māris Olte is a program manager and creator, a naturalist, owner of the renovated Ērgļi station, who is happy to take the opportunity to tell and popularize important and meaningful things. The most recognizable programs of recent times are the Latvian opening program "Te!", The video stories "Makšķerē ar Olti", which have acquired the status of a cult program, but recently a new program "Meža viča emuāri", on the channel "ReTV", has reached the audience. The book "Matīsa's Adventures in the Forest", in which the author tells about the events in the forest, has earned the children's recognition.

August 12 at 16.oo Māris Olte will visit Gulbene 3 pre-school educational institution, but he will meet with other interested people in the Outdoor reading room of Gulbene district library at 17.00, in case of rain inside Gulbene district library. Participation in the event by applying in advance and presenting a valid Covid-19 certificate (vaccinated, ill, negative test) and ID card / passport.

Apply: , 64473266 or by coming to the Children's Library.

The cycle of events “Nature (T) breath in the library” is supported by VKKF.