"By bike to a friend!"

In September, Europe Direct together with its branch in Alūksne organized a photo competition “By bike with a friend!” In Gulbene, the aim of which was to popularize examples of good practice and promote high-quality bicycle parking in public places and development of bicycle culture in Gulbene and Alūksne counties. Contestants were asked to submit photos with good examples and to answer questions - what should be improved in your city / parish to make them more cyclist-friendly?

What, then, are the main observations and recommendations of the tender participants from Alūksne and Gulbene counties?

  • Larger or smaller bicycle sheds can be found at all educational institutions, but many of them need to be expanded!
  • Bicycle parking lots are located near the state, local government, educational institutions, the largest sales outlets, but they are not, for example, near small shops, hairdressing salons, few bicycle parking lots in the centers of parishes, almost not at all in apartment buildings.
  • A good example is the bicycle lanes created in the yard of Alūksne PII “Sprīdītis” so that children can learn traffic rules.
  • The bicycle parking lot near the Alūksne city primary school has long become too narrow, because active cycling friends study at the school!
  • Most of the photos were sent with a bicycle parking lot at Alūksne District Secondary School. The participants of the competition have emphasized that it is friendly, because it is easy to park and connect the bicycles, and the roof protects from precipitation! The bicycle parking lot must also be expanded at Ernst Glick Aluksne State Gymnasium!
  • Several participants of the competition have indicated that bicycle maintenance points would be needed in Gulbene and parishes. Such would also be necessary at city schools in both Gulbene and Aluksne
  • The problem of the green railway section Gulbene - Galgauskas is the movement of cars, which both disturbs cyclists and drives deep crossings that are impassable for cyclists - especially closer to the city. Here's how to handle the situation!
  • To develop bicycle traffic in Alūksne and Gulbene, as well as sports related to cycling
  • The infrastructure of cycle paths needs to be improved - the number of cycle paths needs to be increased, existing sidewalks need to be improved with cyclist-friendly markings so that both pedestrians and riders can live on them in a friendly way;

Many thanks to everyone who got involved and submitted photos and valuable suggestions!