Meeting with Laura Vinogradov

Laura Vinogradova is a Latvian writer born in Pope, currently living in Riga and working at the Museum of Literature and Music. She is known to readers for her small and large books: “The Fox. A Tale for Adults ”(2017), a collection of stories“ Izelpas ”(2018) and stories dedicated to his native Pope in the edition“ Lāču kalns ”(2018), as well as several works for children. This year, Laura won the European Union Prize for Literature - her glamor "River" was praised by an international jury. Laura's husband also contributed to this book. "River" is a story about relationships and staying together, that you don't always have to escape to find yourself.

"I always write when I want to say something. I talk through stories. Most often, these are the topics we hide under the covers. Yes, harsh, but I'm really interested in the inside. What's behind those windows? What are we hiding? Sometimes we even hide joy, ”says the author.