Conference on the future of Europe

Europe Direct in Gulbene invites citizens to debate and take an active part in the Conference on the Future of Europe

A conference on the future of Europe is currently taking place until the spring of 2022. This is the first transnational debate involving all Europeans and calling on everyone to work together to find solutions to Europe's challenges. It is an opportunity to reflect and have a say in what kind of European Union (EU) its citizens want to see. The ideas, views and proposals gathered during the conference's talks, workshops, discussions and other events will be published on the Conference on the Future of Europe in a multilingual digital platform .

How to participate?

There are 10 thematic blocks for the conference, which provide an insight into its structure and help to choose the direction of the planned event. These are: climate change and the environment; health; a stronger economy, social justice and employment; The EU in the world: values and rights, the rule of law, security; digital transformation; European democracy; migration; education, culture, youth and sport, as well as other ideas.

In order to make the views of the people of Vidzeme heard in shaping the future of Europe, Europe Direct Gulbene invites local governments, non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, citizens and any other interested party to join the Conference on the Future of Europe, choosing the most popular:

  • Contact Europe Direct Vidzeme on discussion topics of interest to you:

- informs Europe Direct Gulbene about the topics or challenges on which you would like to have your say;

- informs Europe Direct Gulbene if there are problems or challenges in your field of activity (eg agriculture, non-governmental sector, business, etc.) that should be addressed in the Europe of the future;

- Participate in events organized by the center and express your views on what kind of Europe you want to see.

  • Create your own event

- organizes its own events, including public debates and consultations with citizens;

- promote their events by adding them to the conference platform ;

- Make your event as inclusive and accessible as possible for everyone.

  • Present your ideas on a multilingual digital conferencing platform

- communicate your ideas through a conference platform set up as a citizens' think tank;

- upload conclusions and reports on their activities to the conference platform;

- Share your ideas or support others' ideas - let us know what you think!

The impact of the conference on the future of Europe

The European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission are committed to listening to the people of Europe and to following up the recommendations made within their respective spheres of competence. All collected ideas and event reports will be published openly and transparently on a multilingual digital platform , a place where citizens can share their ideas and submit suggestions online. They will be compiled, analyzed, monitored and published throughout the Conference. These reports will then have a direct impact on the content of European citizens' panel discussions and plenary sessions, in which citizens will enter into a dialogue with national and European decision-makers. By spring 2022, the Conference is expected to issue conclusions outlining the future of Europe.