Exploratory expedition in Stradu parish

Elēna Obrumāne, a teacher at Stāķi Primary School and the creator of the local history exposition, will share her knowledge and tell stories in this expedition. In the first part of the expedition we will go to Stāķi, first we will stop at the Pastor's House, where we will also hear the story about the Friendship School. Next, the road will lead to the cultural place that won the Kilograms of Culture 2018 award - Šķieneri stop or Šķieturu. Exploring Stāķi, we will walk to Stāķi Primary School, where we will get to know the local history exposition. After visiting the sports house, we will go around Stāķi Park, looking at environmental objects. There will be a trip to Strad - let's listen to the story of the former Strad Primary School. Let's get acquainted with one of the lakes of the parish - Kalni, where there is also a moment of rest and a picnic. We will visit the deer garden "Mežsētas" (entrance fee 5 eur) and at the end we will see the national partisan memorial site "Mosses".

Check out at 10.00 from Gulbene district library. Gulbene return around noon. 5.30pm

In accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, the measure is intended for vaccinated or Covid-19 patients. Please bring supporting documents, including an identity document.

Apply by August 12, by writing to inese.kaleja@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv or by calling 64471460. Please indicate the participant's name, surname and telephone number. Seats are limited.

During the expedition, all security measures in force in the country at that time will be observed.

The project “Exploratory Expeditions” has received support in the cultural project competition “Vidzeme Culture Program 2021 supported by the State Forest and State Cultural Capital Fund” announced by the Vidzeme Planning Region.