Gulbene county 3 Imanti

Imantdays are connected with composer Imants Kalniņš, but Gulbene region also has its own Imants, which we are proud of:

The legendary choir conductor Imants Kokars , whose celebration of his 100th birthday this year. We know I. Kokar as the artistic director and chief conductor of the men's choir "Dziedonis" and "Ave sol", a teacher, rector and professor of the Academy of Music, as well as the chief conductor of several Song and Dance Festivals. Pioneer of the Nordic and Baltic Song Festival tradition. Promoted the professionalization of amateur choirs, as well as the development of the choir movement in general.

Conductor Imants Cepītis , who together with Ausma Derkēvics was the conductor of the women's choir "Dzintars". Since 1969, both artists have also conducted the State Academic Choir "Latvija" and made it our largest professional mixed choir.

Musician - composer, organist, conductor and critic - Imants Sakss . Born in Aduliena Parish, lived in Belgium until 1939, moved to Canada, worked as a gold digger. He has led the Latvian Gold Mining Choir, the South Vietnamese Boating Choir. He has worked as an organist in the Anglican Church, and has written commercials for TV commercials. He has founded and conducted several Canadian and Latvian choirs.

In pictures:

Imants Kokars at Gulbene School of Music, 1981 Photo from the Kokari brothers' exposition in Ozolkalns.

Imants Cepitis. Photo: Liesma Nr.5, 01.05.1973

Imants Sakss. Photo: New Course no. 181, March 1991