Library Week "Do the Impossible!"

This year, Library Week in Latvia will take place from April 19 to 25, updating events in libraries, offering events of various contents, quizzes, online lessons and much more. Given that much of our daily life still takes place in a virtual environment, the range of events is also largely based on online events and social networking activities. We continue to be bold, creative and engaging, trying to justify the theme of Library Week - "Do the incredible!"

Events in Gulbene County Library within the framework of Library Week:

  • Competition "Book cover generator" . We invite you to get involved in a creative adventure and create your own amusing, serious or contemporary book title and cover design. Apply for the competition by April 20, sending the created work to e-mail . The latest books will be awarded to adults, and sets of creative works for children!
  • From April 19 to 23 for the 1st - 6th grade quiz "Book Jandalins" .
  • From April 19 to 24, the campaign "Get to know the unknown" ! We offer our readers the opportunity to become the first reader of the new book, but the title and content of the book will be a surprise! Unknown books will be divided into age groups - children and adults. A worksheet with assignments will also be prepared for each book for children.
  • From April 21 to 28, Bird Lessons will continue, ending with a quiz for children "Recognize Birds".
  • On April 22, from 10.00 to 11.30, an online chat event "eMburziņa Morning Coffee" . New mothers from Gulbene region are invited to join the virtual room on the Webex platform to get to know each other and possibly find common interests and walking routes in the future. There will be topics for discussion and an opportunity to share your experiences, thoughts and doubts. Let's inspire each other! Apply by writing to e-mail:
  • April 21 at 16.00 educational online seminar "Applications for the development of everyday digital skills" . You will be able to join the seminar live on Facebook.
  • April 24 at 10.00 Adult non-formal education program "Develop healthy habits, not prohibitions" master class "Takeaway - quick to prepare and easy to enjoy" . Login:

Events for librarians

  • April 21 from 10.00 to 13.00 online seminar for parish librarians. Work review and plans.
  • April 22 from 10.00 to 13.00 librarian's online lesson "Development of digital skills - video, photo, GIF creation".

Events in Gulbene parish libraries within the framework of the Library Week:

  • Stradu Parish Library "Do you know where your library is". Express interview with residents of the streets.
  • In the library of Stradu parish "What the reader says". Video insight into readers' thoughts on the library.
  • From April 19 to 23 in Beļava Parish Library “Move! Think! Looking for! Lasi! Radi! ” Moving, creative and research tasks in nature and space for 5 days - 1 task for each day. Information about the tasks will be on the Facebook page of Beļava Parish.
  • From April 19 to 23, Dauksti Parish Library challenges you to complete 5 tasks! Information about tasks / Daukstu Parish Library.
  • From April 19 to 23 in Lizuma Parish Library "Book Code". Every day, the library's Facebook and Twitter profiles will publish 1 - 2 book cover images with "flooded" titles that need to be encrypted (titles are encrypted with emoticons).
  • From April 19 to 23 in Lizuma Parish Library "Do you know the terms?". Crossword puzzle, which is most convenient to use to remember.
  • From April 19 to 23 in Lizuma Parish Library "Book characters also live in cartoons". Recognize and name the book from the given cartoon screenshots.
  • From April 19 to 23, Ranka Parish Library has various daily activities on the library's Facebook page.
  • A survey in Tirza Parish Library from April 19 to 23. Exploring the interests and needs of library readers and visitors.
  • From April 19 to 23 in Tirza Parish Library "Finger Puppet Approach". Every day, the children of the Tirza preschool group "Mākonīši" will hear another doll performed by a teacher from the library "Book Boxes".
  • From April 19 to 24 in Stāmeriena Parish Kalniena Library "Library. How do you see it?". Questionnaire of library users and other interested parties about library services, their meaning and necessity.
  • From April 19 to 24 in Stāmeriena Parish Kalniena Library "Kalniena Library in Time Circles". Quiz using the digital library - the missing words from various publications about the Kalniena library must be entered.
  • From April 19 to May 4 in Stāmeriena Parish Library "Put a photo in the text!". A fragment of the text of the theater songs is given, the participant has to add his / her photographed (can also be drawn) picture according to his / her feelings and discretion.
  • From April 19 to 25 in Galgauskas Parish Library "Know folklore!" Every working day, a photo with various books with a name obscured in the titles will be posted on the FB page of the library. These hidden words must be deciphered in the given order, a proverb or proverb of the Latvian people will appear. The memoir should be sent to the library by letter, e-mail, phone call or in person. All five memoirs will be accepted until and including April 26. Surprise prizes for the most active celebrants.
  • From April 19 to 25 in Jaungulbene Parish Library "Be creative in nature". Take a picture of the spring birds in the wild, come up with a clever name for the photo, or write a line of poetry and send it to WhatsApp 25725922 (library) by April 25th. The most active surprise prizes.
  • From April 19 to 25 in Lejasciems Parish Library "Help to recognize!" Every day photos will be published on the Facebook page of Lejasciems parish, asking the people of Lejasciems to recognize the people, time and event shown in the photo. Answers should be sent to e-mail, or by calling the library phone number 27868341.
  • From April 19 to 25, pictures of spring flowers will be published on the Facebook page of the external service point of Lejasciems Parish Library.
  • From April 19 to 25 in Litene Parish Library "When the book comes to life". A competition in which the submitted photos taken after the interpretation of the motifs of various book covers will be published on the library's Facebook profile every day.
  • From April 19 to 25, the quiz "Who owns these words?" At the Stāmeriena Parish Library. Using the database "" you have to find the author of the given text fragment.
  • From April 20 to 25 in Līgo Parish Library "My Library". The Virtual Crossword will be published on the library's social network accounts Facebook and Let's check what we know about our Līgo parish library. Please send the solution name (yellow) to the librarian by April 25 at WhatsApp 26185403 (library). There will be surprise prizes!
  • From April 20 to 24 in Druviena Parish Library "Book Hides". Every day a photo will be posted on the library's facebook profile, in which you will have to find the hidden book. It is necessary to write what it is about the book and what it tells about it. A prize for the most diligent seekers!
  • April 21 in Litene Parish Library “Scenes from life around and around the library and book”. In cooperation with the readers of the library and the actors of the parish amateur theater "Nebēdnieki", funny scenes from the life of the library were played out. Video greeting.
  • April 22 in Litene Parish Library "Do you know what a book is?". Make a video with little library experts answering questions.
  • On April 21, the Dauksti Parish Library “The Funniest Memory Library Everyday” has an insight into the repository of the funniest memories - the winged sayings and comic events of the visitors.
  • On April 22 at Dauksti Parish Library at 10.30 "Friends of the Library". Video greeting for Library Week and task box for Daukstu library users SAC "Dzērves".
  • April 22 in Līgo Parish Library "Lost Illustration". Illustrations from books will be published on the library's social network accounts Facebook and The book and author must be identified and the answer must be sent on social networks or WhatsApp 26185403 (library). The most diligent surprise prizes!
  • April 23 in Līgo parish library "Library with friends". SAC Warm residents and staff task box.
  • April 23 in Līgo Parish Library "Book Hides". Going along the route "Library - shop" you have to find the hidden book and make a selfie with the book. Photo to be sent to WhatsApp 26185403 (library) There will be surprises.