We invite you to participate in the competition "Book Cover Generator"!

"Aunt Dill", "Sweat", "Are They Squirting?", "Adventures of Insanity", "How to Live with an Idiot". These and many other book titles and visual designs have surprised and sometimes made each of us laugh! "Do the incredible!" is the slogan of this year's Library Week. May it inspire not only librarians but also our readers!

We invite you to get involved in a creative adventure and create your own amusing, serious or contemporary book title and cover design. Let the design technique remain in your hands - cut, glue, paint, apply, embroider, layout on your desktop or computer! Sequence of actions:

  1. Create your book title and cover art (leave the creation of the book content to another time).
  2. If the title and cover art of the book are not computer-generated, take a picture of it.
  3. Send the title of the book, a picture of the cover design, information about yourself (name, surname, age, e-mail address or telephone number) to info@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv by April 20 .

All submitted images will be posted on the Gulbene County Library Facebook page and put to the vote. There will be two age groups: children under 17 and adults over 18. Any Facebook user will be able to vote by clicking on one of the emoticons next to the image (any of them will be included in the vote). The names of the contestants will not be shown next to the pictures .

Voting time will begin on 21 April and will be suspended on 24 April at noon. 5:00 PM In each age group, 3 winners will be determined, who will receive valuable prizes - books or gift sets for creative expressions! We will contact the winners of the competition in person.

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