We are starting to implement the adult non-formal education program "Develop healthy habits, not prohibitions!"

The Gulbene Regional Library is starting to implement the adult non-formal education program “Develop healthy habits, not prohibitions!”, Starting the cycle of lessons with a certified nutrition trainer's lesson on nutrition as an ally for a good quality of life.

April 7 at 16.00 certified nutrition coach Mārtiņš Bidiņš will talk about the importance of nutrition in human life.

"I teach people to eat. Because, let's face it, diet and nutrition plans don't teach it. What do they teach? Follow a diet or nutrition plan without a deeper understanding. But understanding is what's needed. It's easy to get an understanding."

That's what Mārtiņš says about the content of the lesson. During the lesson, various myths about eating will be covered, gaining a deeper understanding of one's eating habits and the opportunity to change or change them on reasonable tracks. The lesson will take place online, which will give you the opportunity to join it in any convenient and accessible place!

Lesson cycle will meet with a number of recipe book authors, workshop leaders Panna Anna (Anna Birman) to talk about farming in the kitchen - how to maintain order, how to plan meals, in order to create the least possible waste and food residues. Anna Panna's second lesson will be a master class , during which we will prepare various simple and quick dishes to take away . During the master class, the strengthening of mutual trust between parents and children in the cooking process will be promoted, encouraging them to perform specific tasks for both adults and children. At the end of the cycle, we will play sports under the guidance of physical fitness coach Kaspars Zālītis , learning exercises that can be performed even by people with low physical fitness, paying special attention to the correct technical performance of the exercises.

Application for classes:

April 7 at 16.00 “Nutrition - an ally of a good quality of life” / Mārtiņš Bidiņš /

April 15 at 18.00 "How to manage the kitchen successfully?" / Anna Panna /

April 24 at 10.00 “Takeaway - quick to prepare and easy to enjoy” / Anna Panna /
Co-payment of a master class participant 5 EUR.

May 11 at 19.00 “Health gymnastics, lesson 1” / Kaspars Zālītis /

May 13 at 19.00 “Health gymnastics, 2nd lesson” / Kaspars Zālītis /

More information:
Liene Baranovska
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist


"Adult non-formal education program" Develop healthy habits, not prohibitions! "Is implemented with the financial support of Gulbene municipality 700 EUR.