A new platform for accessing scientific articles and discoveries

The European Commission has launched the Open Research Europe publishing platform, which will publish scientific articles. The platform will provide the results of research funded by the EU's Research and Innovation Program 2021-2027. Horizon Europe and its predecessor Horizon 2020.

The Open Research Europe platform will provide information on the latest scientific findings free of charge to both researchers and the general public. This platform offers a direct solution to the biggest problems that are often encountered when publishing research results. Among other things, the platform makes it possible to avoid delays and obstacles to the re-use of results and to avoid high costs. The platform is an optional service for Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 beneficiaries and allows them to meet the requirement for immediate free access free of charge.

The platform already contains around 40 scientific articles in a wide range of research areas, which are now available for reading and review by the scientific community.

More information here: https://ej.uz/TuvakZinatnei