Digital Week 2021

From March 22 to 26, 2021, the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRD) is organizing the European Digital Week in Latvia. Digital Week in Latvia is organized within the framework of the European campaign ALL Digital Week 2021 and is taking place in Latvia for the 12th time!

Every year, Gulbene region libraries are actively involved in organizing Digital Week activities in Gulbene region. This year, it is planned to implement a total of 28 activities in the parishes of Gulbene region, including consultations on the use of databases, virtual exhibitions, competitions, quizzes. A more detailed plan of activities offered by parish libraries can be viewed on the website (click HERE ).

Taking into account the current situation, when many events have to be implemented remotely, the Gulbene County Library offers 6 remote events to the residents .

  • March 22 at 16.00 educational seminar “Change of society habits and digital skills for everyday life” (live broadcast on the Facebook page of Gulbene district library).
  • March 23 at 10.00 seminar "Financial Security in the Digital Environment" (advance registration required ).
  • March 24 at 13.00 Lesson “Digital Literacy” (advance registration is required ).
  • March 25 at 16.00 online training course "First steps in the Construction Information System (BIS)" (advance registration is required ).
  • March 26 at 14.00 practical lesson “Preparation of digital environment visualizations” (advance registration is required ).
  • From March 22 to 26, telephone and e-mail consultations "Solving Digital Challenges" .

More about activities:

Diāna Butina, co-founder and head of the mentoring program at Riga TechGirls and head of the Tilde language technology business, will talk about how society's habits in applying digital skills have changed today, as well as the need for digital skills in everyday life. It is not necessary to apply for the seminar in advance, you just have to schedule it on March 22 at 16.00 connect to Gulbene district library Facebook live broadcast!

The aim of the seminar "Financial Security in the Digital Environment" is to learn more about how to feel safe in the digital environment, what are the potential risks and most importantly - how to protect your money and data. The main topics of the seminar: motivation of fraudsters; types of fraud in the digital environment; digital trends in finance. The seminar is led by: Evija Apsīte, Lead Client Consultant of AS Swedbank.

The online Digital Literacy course will talk about the safe use of social networks and security on the Internet to protect yourself as much as possible. The lesson will also cover the topic of media literacy. The lesson will be led by Anita Priede from the Safer Internet Center of Latvia.

The live training course "First Steps in the Construction Information System (BIS)" will tell and show how to connect to the BIS and create a power of attorney from the activities of a private person in the BIS (for example, a pensioner from Gulbene will entrust it to his grandson or a certified specialist); what to do if a person who plans to build, rebuild, etc. does not have either an eID or an internet bank to authenticate to start construction in the BIS, which has been done only electronically in the BIS for more than a year; where there are training materials and assistance to operate in BIS and start construction on their own.

The lesson “Preparation of Visualizations for the Digital Environment” will cover the principles, trends and examples of preparation of visual materials for the digital environment, as well as practical training in the preparation of visuals in free online tools. The class will be led by Annija Graustiņa - a social media marketing strategist and lecturer with more than 7 years of experience.

During the consultations “Solving Digital Challenges” within the whole week (on working days from 10.00 to 18.00) you will be able to get consultations on how to use the Internet bank; how to solve computer, internet, or smartphone problems. Communication is possible by writing an e-mail to or , calling 64474825.

If you have any questions about the activities, apply, write to or call 64474825.

The information was prepared by:
Liene Baranovska
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist