A European plan to tackle cancer has been launched

The European Commission has unveiled a European plan to tackle cancer . The Cancer Plan sets out a new EU approach to cancer prevention, treatment and care, with new technologies, research and innovation as a starting point. It will address all stages of disease management, from prevention to quality of life for those affected, focusing on actions where the EU can bring the greatest added value. The European Action Plan on Cancer will be supported by measures ranging from employment, education, social policy and equality to marketing, agriculture, energy, the environment and climate, transport, cohesion policy and taxation.

The Cancer Plan is structured around four main areas of action and includes 10 flagship initiatives and a number of support actions . The plan will be implemented through all Commission funding instruments, of which € 4 billion is earmarked for action on cancer, including the EU for Health, Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programs.

Marcis Leja, European Commission Cancer Mission Council Expert, Director of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia and Head of the Science Department of Riga East Clinical University Hospital: “The European Cancer Plan and the European Commission Cancer Mission Council recommendations are closely coordinated. research in oncology and in Europe and in each European Member State are inextricably linked and a priority. Both documents place a strong emphasis on equality, in the broadest sense: reducing inequalities between and within European Member States, and in all areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and equal opportunities for doctors and researchers in Europe.

One of the important steps to be taken by 2025 is the creation of a functional network of comprehensive cancer centers across Europe, which also calls for the establishment of such a center in each EU Member State. At least 90% of the country's population must have access to the services provided by such a center. The Cancer Plan also sets high standards for quality cancer screening and the digitization of oncology. ”

Press release (with a number of useful links to various health policy documents, fact sheets, etc.): https://ej.uz/pazinojumsVezaPlans

Cancer Plan (currently in English): https://ej.uz/ESVezaPlans