We invite you to use the online magazine IFINANSES!

We invite you to use the online magazine IFINANSES! If you are interested in an article, expert explanation or electronic form, please write to vija@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv or call 64471335, you will receive it in your e-mail.

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Here are also available iForms, which have been developed taking into account the legislation in force in the Republic of Latvia, which regulates the requirements for the preparation and execution of documents, accounting, preparation of annual reports, employment, civil law, as well as tax legislation.

iFinanses.lv is the first online magazine about accounting, taxation and rights for professionals involved in financial management and accounting.

iFinanses.lv publishes daily information on changes in legislation, as well as analytical articles in the sections Accounting, Taxes, Finance, Personnel, Law and Management. Among the authors of analytical articles are the most knowledgeable experts in Latvia - tax consultants, sworn auditors, certified accountants, lawyers, sworn advocates and others.