Encourages people to read e-books

The three-year anniversary of the 3td.lv platform invites residents to read e-books

The existence of three years since the beginning of the 3td.lv e-book library is celebrated in a virtual discussion today by the library's implementers, content creators and readers. They encourage citizens to take the opportunity to read one of the more than 500 e-books in Latvian online.

In three years, the range of e-books www.3td.lv has been regularly updated. "It simply came to our notice then. And, of course, we are pleased that we have such an opportunity to read new, valuable books electronically in all Latvian municipal libraries free of charge. It also seems especially important to me that the e-book library of the "Third Father's Son" has become a good opportunity for readers during the pandemic, when due to the repeatedly announced emergency, libraries were quite limited, "emphasizing the importance of the project, satisfaction with" 3td.lv " The contribution of the e-book library was solemnly expressed by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Latvia Nauris Puntulis.

Since the opening of the e-book library on the platform www.3td.lv in 2019, the number of active users at the end of the first year of operation was 5,500, while in 2021 the growth of readers has almost tripled, reaching almost 16,000. About half of them or 49 % of users choose to consume content on a smartphone, but slightly fewer or 46% of people read e-books on a computer.

3td.lv e-book library is a state-funded service that offers users of municipal public libraries to read e-books online using smart technologies, such as a telephone or computer. This possibility is provided in the State Unified Library Information System by the project manager - Cultural Information Systems Center and platform developer - information technology company TietoEVRY in cooperation with publishing houses - Apgāds Zvaigzne ABC, Latvijas Mediji, Apgāds Mansards, Jumava and Prometheus ”.

"One of the benefits is the consumption of literature in a pandemic without visiting the library branch in person, and at the same time we see the connection to the e-book library from abroad. Great Britain is in the leading position, followed by Germany, and the United States finishes in the top three in terms of activity. We are satisfied with the cooperation with all involved, including the publishing houses and library staff, because so far the readers of the e-book library have crossed almost 50 million pages, ”reveals Valērija Vārna, the head of the Latvian branch of the information technology company TietoEVRY.

The advantage of "3td.lv" e-book library is that there is no queue, because all books available at www.3td.lv can be used by an unlimited number of readers. Two e-books can be issued to one user at a time, but with the virtual return of retrieved e-books, the total number of e-books available per user per month is 18 e-books.

About the Cultural Information Systems Center

The Cultural Information Systems Center (KISC) is an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, whose main field of activity is the creation of services in the digital environment in the cultural sector in order to ensure equal access to knowledge and information for the population of Latvia.

KISC works with cultural and memory institutions - archives, libraries and museums - to preserve and make available cultural heritage to future generations using the latest information technology solutions. To achieve this, the center develops information systems for libraries, archives, museums and other cultural and educational institutions, and manages platforms, including www.3td.lv and portals, that offer cultural information and digitized cultural values ​​to anyone interested in open access.

About "TietoEVRY"

TietoEVRY is the leading digital services and software products company in the Nordic countries with a strong local market presence and global capabilities. TietoEVRY provides digital benefits and full-cycle services to businesses and society. With headquarters in Finland, TietoEVRY employs almost 24,000 people worldwide. The company serves thousands of companies and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. The company has an annual turnover of approximately three billion euros and its shares are listed on NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as Oslo Børs.


The Latvian branch of TietoEVRY (SIA Tieto Latvia), combining more than 1,000 talented specialists and innovative technologies, is one of the largest information technology companies in Latvia, also among the leading Latvian exporters.

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