Meeting with graphologist Anita Miller

On August 27, at 5 pm, a meeting with graphologist Anita Miller in the Gulbene County Library “Handwriting as an Expression of Human Individuality”.

During the meeting, A. Millere will talk about what graphology is researched and revealed, what is handwriting analysis and how it is used in practice. Let's find out what can and cannot be determined with the help of handwriting analysis. Let's get answers to the questions, what emotions and character traits are revealed by handwritten texts; why handwriting is changeable and what affects it.

Anita Millere is a highly experienced graphologist educated in England. She is a certified member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysis, has practiced graphology for many years - handwriting analysis, handwriting expertise, graphotergy, graphoanalysis. Miller has a successful collaboration with the British Association of Graphologists; there is a mutual exchange of experience with Russian and German practicing graphologists.

If you want to know more about this unusual science, come to the meeting! PRIOR application required: or 64474825.

All security regulations in force in the country at the time will be observed during the meeting.

The information was prepared by:
Liene Baranovska
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist