We invite you to take part in the expedition in Stāmeriena parish

We invite you to take part in the expedition organized by Gulbene district library on August 14 in Stāmeriena parish.

We will start the expedition with the inspection of Jaunķempju castle mound opened in 2019. From the castle mound we will go to the crossroads, where we will hear stories about the history of Punakrogs. Nearby, on the shores of Lake Ludza, is the School Ancient Cemetery, where a unique relic of Latvian history has been found in archeological excavations - the villa of Stāmeriena. Sarmīte Dundure, the state inspector of the Vidzeme regional branch of the National Cultural Heritage Board, will show us the castle mound and tell us about the villain. We will go to Kalniena by bus. Inga Lapse, tourism information consultant at the Stāmeriena Tourism Information Center, will introduce us to the history of Kalniena Castle and other manor houses built in the Classicist style. Before moving on, we will relax in the outdoor reading room of Kalniena Library in Stāmeriena Parish. In the second part of the expedition, we will go to Jaunkalns manor, on the way to see Kalniena station and the birthplace of the poet Vija Poļaka - Rikveile “Verden”.

The length of the route is about 10 km.

Check out at 10.00 from Gulbene district library. Return to Gulbene around 18.00.

Apply for participation in the expedition until August 12, by writing to inese.kaleja@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv or by calling 64471460. Please indicate the participant's name, surname and telephone number. Seats are limited.

All security regulations in force in the country at the time will be observed during the expedition.

If restrictions remain in the county, the expedition will be postponed.

The project is supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund.

The information was prepared by:
Inese Kalēja,
Gulbene County Library