"Christmas Jam 2",

1. In this country, Santa Claus is called Santa Claus. Literally translating his name - a Christmas goat. The name originated at a time when Santa Claus was taking out presents with a kid and was wearing a goatskin coat.

Name this country? Finland

2. In this country, Sala's grandfather or Salavecis is a married man. He has a wife Winter and a granddaughter Snow White. Salavecis is dressed in a long, red coat (sometimes also silvery blue), he has an ice wand with him. Snow White is his indispensable companion, who helps to distribute gifts and, if necessary, also rags.

Name this country? Russia

3. In this country, gifts are received only on January 5, the eve of Star Day. The children do not have Santa Claus or Santa Claus, but the Three Kings, and the hay should be left in the shoes of the camels, not the horses. The three kings of the East, or sages, leave gifts in gratitude for feeding the camels.

What is this country called? Spain

4. In this country, on December 6, St. Nicholas begins a long journey across the land from the south of the country to the north. He is dressed in a dark purple bishop's robe and has a wet head. Saint Nicholas rides horses, so the children leave various food items for his horses in their shoes in the evening - sugar, hay, vegetables. In the morning, the shoes are filled with nuts and candy.

Name this country? The Netherlands

5. In this country, the dearest guest in every house is Christmas Dad (Babbo Natale), accompanied by the good fairy Befana to gift the children. If the boys and girls have been naughty in the previous year, they will receive coal instead of rags.

Name this country? Italy

6.Christmas in Latvia is also called Ķūķi evening. Another name is called Christmas Eve. What else is Christmas Eve called in Latvia? Block evening

7.The table is richly laid out during Christmas. Every dish in our nation has its own special meaning. A Christmas table is unthinkable without a dried pig's head. What tool does this dish symbolize for ancient Latvians? Plow

8. Mask marches are the most popular winter solstice tradition throughout Europe. What were these marches called in Latvia? Stiletto, executioners, gypsies, dancing children

9. Latvians have many beliefs about Christmas. Complete this belief!

On Christmas Eve, barefoot should run around the house three times to….

Painless teeth

10. The pastries should be mentioned before Christmas and on the holidays themselves. Then no, because otherwise the long tongue will stretch out! Remember these three puzzles!

1. Serves another, spends himself. Candle

2. Two little peas travel around the world. Eyes

3. Lamb with five headphones. Glove