EU House Announces Application for Youth Practice


EU House Announces Application for Youth Practice

For the seventh time, the House of the European Union invites young people from all over Latvia to submit applications for the competition to participate in the cycle of growth classes "Practice Hill".

The "Forge" is an annual cycle of theoretical and practical training for young people organized by the European Union House. Within the three-month cycle, young people will gain the latest information on current issues in the European Union, as well as practical skills useful in further education and career in leading Latvian foreign policy, nature protection, sustainability, growth, presentation and communication experts.

“Practice forges” 2021/2022. Seasonal themes - European Green Course and digitalisation.

In the topic of the green course, young people will learn about the basic principles of the circular economy, the basic directions of climate change, biodiversity and a waste-free lifestyle and their participation as an individual in these processes. The topics of digitization will address the issues of technology efficiency and the importance of security. There will also be talk of digital solutions, which are essential in the fight against climate change and can serve as a platform for greening the economy and society.

"Practice forge" will take place from December 3 this year to March 4 next year. Classes will be held on Friday afternoons from 16.00 - 18.00 remotely, on the Zoom platform.

We invite you to send your CV and motivation letter, substantiating your interest in participating in the study cycle, to the e-mail by November 25 with the reference “Practice forge”. We invite high school 11th and 12th grade students and 1st and 2nd year university students to apply.

30 young people from all over Latvia will be selected through a competition and the results will be announced on November 26.

To date, more than 100 young people, who are successfully pursuing their studies and / or starting their careers, have graduated from the European Union Home. After graduating from “Prakses kalve”, young people become alumni members of Prakses kalve, with the opportunity to participate in various events organized by the EU House and the European Commission Representation in Latvia, as well as to study in the “Prakses kalve.Next level” training program.

The EU House - a place to meet and build Europe - is a project of the European Commission Representation to raise awareness and provide new insights into the European Union's priorities, to organize exchanges of experience and to stimulate debate on the future of the European Union.

For additional information: Kristīne Zvirbule, EU Home Event Manager,