Jokes or broadcasts are currently experiencing their triumphant march. Podcasts are easy to use, you can listen to them on your smart device in motion, combined with other everyday tasks. The listener adapts the format to their needs by consuming interesting and exploratory content. Diverse and high-quality podcast content is also available in Latvian, which is constantly evolving.

If you want to know more about podcasts, or you want to create podcasts yourself, this offer is for you!

November 12, 2 pm - 4 pm

ZOOM platform

  • What are podcasts or broadcasts
  • Types of podcasts
  • How do I create a podcast? The most popular platforms, the required equipment
  • Promotion methods
  • Building relationships with podcast audiences

Lecturer: Dāvis Freibergs, Footprint digital content studio podcast producer

Apply: https://ieej.lv/ZnGik until November 11

You will receive a login link via email.