Take a reading tour with Martha and Gustav!

The program "Literature" invites you to read at least 21 books by the end of 2021. For more information about these books and their authors, see the program "Literature" every other Saturday at 17.30 LTV1 channel or program recording on lsm.lv at any time convenient for you.
Book list:
  • Rvīns Varde "What's going on here"
  • Austra Skujiņa "My friend is the one who can't live"
  • Inga Gaile “Fog” and “Beautiful”
  • Vizma Belševica "Bill's Beautiful Youth" and "Rings of the Year"
  • Ilmārs Šlāpins “Karamabandha” and “Jokes about the average Latvian and Raini”
  • Rihards Rudzitis “Notes of the Pilgrim”
  • Ingmar Balode "Alba"
  • Jānis Sudrabkalns “Gentleman in a Lilac Tail” and “Troubadour on a Donkey”
  • Einārs Pelšs “52 Weeks: Poetry Cards”, “Condom” and “Rembo 2016”
  • Andis Surgunts “The most beautiful of the forgetting hypotheses”
  • Jana Egle “Strangers or Milenki ti moj”
  • Olafs Gūtmanis “From a Wanderer to a Pilgrim” and “Godavārti”
  • Semyon Hanin “Ηο не тем / But not with it”
  • Leonid Dobichin "Enpils"
  • Daina Sirma “Naked” and “Goddess”
  • Fricis Bārda's "Son of the Earth" and "Songs and Prayers to the Tree of Life"