Press publications in Gulbene district library in 2021

This year we offer the following periodicals to our current and future readers:

Day; Daily Business; Sparks; Gulbene County News; Take a look; Ieva Advice Newspaper; Education and Culture; Context; Culture Day; Cultural marks; Latvijas Avīze; Forest Newspaper; МК Latvia.


Anna's Psychology; Tails; Ā; Balance; Burda; Burda. Детская мода; A Different World; Copes Cases; Do it yourself; Garden World; Deco; 9Men; Ej; Energy and the World; Geo; Eve; Ieva Garden; Eve Stories; Eve's Health; Ieva Kitchen; Illustrated World History; Illustrated Science; Have got; And Benefits; Name of the lawyer; How does it work; Club; What Doctors Don't Tell You; Cottage; Legends; Law and Justice; Lilies; Home Guest; My Little One; Unknown History; OK; Advice in Hand; True Life; Pearl; At the table; Preschool; Planet Secrets; Practical Latvian; Practical handicrafts; Privacy; Riga Time; Santa; On Saturday; 100 Good Tips; 100 Good Health Tips; School & Family; School Psychology; Name of the school; Sports Newspaper; Una; For parents; Verena; Health; Sage; National Geographic Traveler; Идеи Вашего Дома; Лилит.

The latest issues of newspapers and magazines will be available in the Information Center on the 1st floor. Older magazines in the reading room on the 3rd floor will also be issued free of charge at home. The period of use of the magazines is two weeks.

When the situation allows, we will be waiting for you again in the library reading rooms! However, we already offer separate articles from newspapers or magazines to be scanned in your e-mails!

Please call 64471335 or write to: