We invite you to use our remote services!

Adapting to the situation, we now want to emphasize and encourage the use of our remote or e-services!

We offer pupils, students and teachers to prepare information materials on a specific topic, using the library's resources - both by selecting information from databases, and by scanning materials from the library's books - books, magazines (without infringing copyright) and sending them by e-mail.

We offer entrepreneurs and accountants to prepare up-to-date information from the databases www.ifinanses.lv , www.lursoft.lv , www.leta.lv , www.nozare.lv .

We offered parents to receive electronic magazines "Parents", "Preschool".

We will help residents to find the necessary information from the database of municipal documents, https://bit.ly/38brahJ , as well as provide inquiries (by phone, e-mail) on topics of interest, using the resources available to the library.

More about the databases we offer here:


Ask us by phone. 64471335 or write to e-mails: vija@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv ; indra@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv