New Year's greetings

"Come with me, friend, come on!
Winter pinches our cheeks, stabs us in the nose. But that's nothing! We go so far - further into the forest!
There - juniper old cherries for frosted barrels, small Christmas trees like ballerinas - in chubby snow suits. And what do the old spruce trees with their arms stuck in a semicircle do? They protect the forest house from the sharp gusts of winter winds.
But what shines that gleams in the window pane? It's already an ice flower. Saying, it invites you closer and kindly separates its flat branches.
"Press your nose to the pane!" the icicle says.
"Look - and you'll get into a fairy tale ..."
/ Margarita Stāraste, "Winter's Tale" /
Thanks to the white snowdrifts and winter in all its glory, we will soon say goodbye to 2020.
Good luck and healthy new year 2021!
Photography: Gulbene White Castle in winter, around 1920. Source: