•  Exhibition


    Ekaterina Griškyane's painting exhibition "Embrace"

  • Travel story

    Travel story

    Together with Laimoni Aumeister from Gulbeni

  • Exhibition


    On November 2-30, on the 2nd floor of the Gulbene County Library, you can see the exhibition of paintings by Agrita Brenčas "The moment that remains".

  • poetry evening

    poetry evening

    On November 3 at 18.00 we will be waiting for the poetry evening "This is my autumn..." together with Ramona Rungi-Keisha and Daiga Kalinka.

  • Working hours

    Working hours

    Starting October 1st we are also working on saturdays!

  • Artūrs Tereško

    Artūrs Tereško

    We invite you to the lecture on October 4 at 18.00 "Medicinal plants for your health".

  • NewsBank database

    NewsBank database

    The NewsBank database provides a broad collection of reliable news sources covering a range of topics and issues.

  • Aldis Bukšs

    Aldis Bukšs

    on September 22 at 18.00 at the Gulbene county library

  • Anda Rožukaln

    Anda Rožukaln

    Latvian public media ombudsman Anda Rožukalne will give a public lecture at the Gulbene county library

  • Exhibition of former members of TLMS "Sagša" on the 2nd floor of the library

  • Poetry day 2022

    Poetry day 2022

    We invite you to meet poets and enjoy poetry in the central square of Gulbene on September 9 at 5:30 p.m.

  • Participate!


    "Sunflowers for a united Europe with Ukraine"

  • Events in May

    Events in May

    Take a look at the events that take place in Gulbene district library and parish libraries in May.

  • Family Day

    Family Day

    Gulbene County Library will also take part in the Family Day. Let's wait at Gulbene Red Castle this Saturday!

  • E-books!


    Sofia, a volunteer from Italy, who works in our library, recommends reading e-books!

  • Digital week

    Digital week

    From March 21 to 25, digital week in Gulbene district library.

  • Misiņš


    The school of the little sages of the messenger Misiņš will open again in the children's library in Gulbene

  • Operation of libraries from March 1, 2022

    Operation of libraries from March 1, 2022

    the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of October 9, 2021 “On Declaring a State of Emergency”, which established measures to overcome the epidemiological crisis, including restrictions on the operation of libraries, expires.

  • Inguna Bauer

    Inguna Bauer

    Meeting with writer Inguna Bauer in the library on March 18.

  • Meeting with Ilze Jansone

    Meeting with Ilze Jansone

    Welcome to February 18 at 16:00 in Gulbene district library for a meeting with writer and theologian Ilze Jansoni.

  • Seed library!

    Seed library!

    The library invites readers to exchange flowers and vegetables with their own collection.

  • "Know, guess, find out"

    "Know, guess, find out"

    Erudition game "Know, guess, find out" will take place in Gulbene district library, theme: Gulbene.

  • Sabīne Krilova

    Sabīne Krilova

    An evening of stories and music together with singer, vocal teacher Sabine Krilova and concertmaster Janu Anisimovu

  • Blind date with book

    Blind date with book

    If you want to surprise yourself; if you are a literary adventurer; if you like experiments, then Blind Date with a book is for you!

  • "My world"

    "My world"

    Exhibition of paintings by Kristīne Dīsnere in the Gulbene County Library, 2nd floor.

  • novel "Meklējot Ezeriņu".

    novel "Meklējot Ezeriņu".

    Welcome on January 21 at 16:00 in Gulbene district library for a meeting with Latvian poet and writer Andris Akmentins.

  • Dzintra Žvagiņas photo exhibition "AIZLOGA".

    Dzintra Žvagiņas photo exhibition "AIZLOGA".

    A series of photographs about the time of Covid-19 was taken in Jelgava, in 2020, when a state of emergency was declared in Latvia, borders were closed, people began to distance themselves and isolated themselves in their homes and apartments.

  • Astrologer Andris Račs

    Astrologer Andris Račs

    Meeting with astrologer and author of several books Andris Račs about astrology as a science, the profession of astrologer and forecasts for 2022.

  • “Jēkaba citāti”.

    “Jēkaba citāti”.

    Gulbene County Library starts the new year with a book opening event. We welcome anyone who wants to know what "Jēkaba citāti" are.

  • "World of Dolls"

    "World of Dolls"

    Exhibition of Evita Zālīte dolls on the 2nd floor of Gulbene district library.

  • Meeting with Inga Žoludis

    Meeting with Inga Žoludis

    Inga Žolude is a writer, doctor of philology, published since 2002. VENDENE LOTOSPUĶE is the author's tenth book.

  • Information!


    The library is open in green-secure mode, but all users can receive contactless services.



    November 12, 14.00 - 16.00 on the ZOOM platform. Apply!

  • Gulbene County Library implements the project “Nature (T) breath in the library”

    Gulbene County Library implements the project “Nature (T) breath in the library”

    In the project “Nature (T) Breath in the Library” currently implemented by the Gulbene County Library, children's book writers who write about nature protection were invited to come to the meeting; also natural scientists, biologists, ornithologists, who would create interest in nature and its protection in children with interesting and exciting stories, including books on nature and natural events, respectively

  • Here's the job!

    Here's the job!

    Invites the MANAGER of the Stadu Parish Library of Stradu Parish to apply for a full-time job

  • Meeting with Laura Vinogradov

    Meeting with Laura Vinogradov

    As part of the conversation cycle "Her Story" on October 6 at 17.30 We will be waiting for a meeting with the writer in Gulbene district library.

  • Learn a new language!

    Learn a new language!

    Starting from October 5, there will be an opportunity to learn English and German, which will be taught by volunteer girls from Germany, Austria and Italy.

  • Poetry days!

    Poetry days!

    Gulbene County Library implements the project "KlausāmdZeja" supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund.

  • Here's the job!

    Here's the job!

    We are waiting for applications for vacancies until September 24, 2021. Documents can be submitted in person, sent by post or by e-mail to an e-mail address.

  • "Bring the book to life"

    "Bring the book to life"

    From August 31 to September 30, Gulbene Children's Library invites you to participate in a photo competition with the aim of promoting books and reading, as well as giving readers the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

  • Meeting with Daci Viganti

    Author of the collection of stories "Bumbulītis" Dace Vīgante on August 19 in the outdoor reading room of Gulbene Bilbioteka and in Stāķi Park of Stradu Parish. Apply!

  • Meeting with Māris Olts

    Meeting with Māris Olts

    Within the framework of the project "Breath of Nature in the Library", a meeting with nature researcher Māris Olts on August 12 in the outdoor reading room of Gulbene Bilbiotheque.

  • Mariss Vētra 19.07.1901.

    Mariss Vētra 19.07.1901.

    120 years ago - on July 19, 1901 - Mariss Vētra, one of the most outstanding Latvian opera singers and stage artists of his time, was born in the family of tenants Jēkabs and Emma Blumbergs in Tirza parish.

  • Gulbene county 3 Imanti

    Gulbene county 3 Imanti

    Imantdays are connected with composer Imants Kalniņš, but Gulbene region also has its own Imants, which are proud of: Imants Kokars, Imants Cepītis , Imants Sakss

  • Covid 19 certificates

    Covid 19 certificates

    Topical! The current issue is to obtain the new Covid 19 certificate in paper and / or digital format.

  • We invite you to go nature!

    We invite you to go nature!

    We officially announce: summer is here! We invite you to go nature! We have compiled and shared information about Latvian nature trails , which is available at the disposal of our library.

  • "Children of happiness. Kokariem - 100 ”

    "Children of happiness. Kokariem - 100 ”

    In anticipation of the centenary of the legendary choir conductors Imants and Gido Kokars, the Gulbene County Library, engaging with the children and youth of the county, is aware of the unpublished materials and stories of contemporaries.

  • Working hours on holidays

    Working hours on holidays

    Attention visitors! Gulbene district library opening hours on holidays: April 30, 10.00 - 16.00; The library is closed from 1 to 4 May.

  • Library Week "Do the Impossible!"

    Library Week "Do the Impossible!"

    Library Week will take place in Latvia from April 19 to 25. The theme of the week is "Do the incredible!". Gulbene County Library will also offer events of various content to the residents!

  • eSignature Training

    eSignature Training

    April 29 at 11.00 eSignature training for everyone. In the training seminar you will be able to learn about obtaining and using an eSignature.

  • We invite you to take part in the EBSCO quiz

    We invite you to take part in the EBSCO quiz

    Users of the subscription libraries of the EBSCO National Database are invited to participate in the EBSCO quiz prepared by the publisher, which will start on April 12, 2021. and will last until 31.05.2021.

  • Digital Week 2021

    Digital Week 2021

    From March 22 to 26, 2021, LIKTA in cooperation with the MEPRD is organizing the European Digital Week in Latvia. Gulbene district libraries are actively involved in the activities of the week!

  • Ojārs Zanderes - 90

    Ojārs Zanderes - 90

    “Ojārs Jānis Zanders was born in a country house in Jaungulbene on March 11, 1931. He was born in a T-shirt, and his godfather cut his cradle in the nearby grove. ”

  • Take a reading tour with Martha and Gustav!

    Take a reading tour with Martha and Gustav!

    The program "Literature" invites you to read at least 21 books by the end of 2021. See more of these books and their authors in the "Literature" program every other Saturday.

  • New - digital user card!

    New - digital user card!

    We are pleased to offer a novelty - Gulbene district library user card in digital format on your phone. Read how to get this card!

  • Press publications in Gulbene district library in 2021

    Press publications in Gulbene district library in 2021

    The latest issues of newspapers and magazines will be available in the Information Center on the 1st floor. Older magazines in the reading room on the 3rd floor will also be issued free of charge at home. The period of use of the magazines is two weeks.

  • We invite you to use our remote services!

    We invite you to use our remote services!

    We offer pupils, students, teachers to prepare information materials on a specific topic, using library resources. Contact us and we will help you find the information you need

  • New Year's greetings

    New Year's greetings

    Thanks to the white snowdrifts and winter in all its glory, we will soon say goodbye to 2020. Good luck and healthy new year 2021!

  • Remote library services

    Remote library services

    The state of emergency in the country has prevented us from meeting in person. However, there are services that we can still provide for you!

  • Libraries receive valuable books in their collection

    Libraries receive valuable books in their collection

    In the project “Purchase of Valuable Books for Public Libraries” supported by the Ministry of Culture, the libraries of Gulbene region received a total of 722 books in the amount of EUR 6929.71.

  • Read e-books

    Read e-books

    we invite you to read e-books! Find really valuable and different books on the website

  • Christmas greetings

    Christmas greetings

    Gulbene County Library staff greets you on Christmas and New Year! Thank you to our readers and visitors for their trust and joy in reading!

  • Poet Lily Ouza - 120

    Poet Lily Ouza - 120

    Aduliene remembers Lily Ouz with respect, admiring her strong spirit, ability not to talk about her illness - childhood stroke, her optimism.

  • Christmas Jam

    Christmas Jam

    Hey, hey! Bored and want to try something new? You have an offer from the runner Messina, Gulbene children's library and librarians! Take part in the game "Christmas Jam".

  • Attention!


    Classes in English and German at the Gulbene Regional Library have been canceled until December 6.

  • Do it digitally - Your new lifestyle!

    Do it digitally - Your new lifestyle!

    From October 19 to October 25, the annual campaign "Days without queues" will take place, which this year has been given the motto "Do it digitally - Your new lifestyle!".