'Culture - Driving Europe'

The European Commission is launching a new permanent mobility scheme 'Culture - Driving Europe' aimed at artists and cultural workers and launching the first call for applications for individual mobility actions. With a total funding of €21 million from the Creative Europe program over a three-year period (2022-2025), "Culture - Europe's driving force" will be the largest European mobility scheme for artists and cultural workers involving all countries and sectors of the Creative Europe program covered by the cultural branch of the said programme.

The participants of the program will be representatives of EU institutions, interested persons and cultural sector organizations. "Culture - Europe's driving force" offers a solution to the pressing need of the cultural and creative industries for inclusive and sustainable mobility opportunities, with a special focus on young artists.

Marija Gabriela, Member of the Commission responsible for innovation, research, culture, education and youth: "With the mobility scheme 'Culture - Europe's driving force', the Commission paves the way for the future of culture and creative industries, as well as offers young artists and cultural workers better opportunities to improve their skills and create contacts for European partners. With this scheme, we recognize that mobility exchanges shape our present and influence the future of our interconnected communities. It combines mobility with sustainability and inclusion, as the European Green Deal calls for."

The Culture Driving Europe scheme is implemented by the Goethe-Institut on behalf of the Commission and consists of two actions: individual mobility and artist residencies. Thanks to mobility grants, approximately 7,000 individual artists and cultural workers will be able to go abroad, both in the EU and outside, with the aim of professional development or international cooperation, participating in artist residencies or hosting artists and cultural workers. The activities of the residency will be started at the beginning of 2023.

The first call for individual mobility is aimed at artists and cultural workers working in the following sectors: architecture, cultural heritage, design, fashion design, literary translation, music, visual and performing arts. Applicants must be from countries participating in the Creative Europe program and must travel to another member country of the said program for a period of 7 to 60 days (individual artists) and 7 to 21 days (groups of two to five people).

More information: 'Culture - Europe's driving force': EU's biggest mobility scheme offers new opportunities for artists and cultural workers (europa.eu)